Big Jim goes Space

For most of us Big Jim was a loyal friend who took us to the farest placest of the world and let us have fantastic adventures. It all started with the greatest sportler of toy history who could swell his biceps and smashed boards with karate chops. In nearly every sport Big Jim and his friends were masters in the first years: basketball, skindiving, soccer, boxing, cycling, judo, surfing, fishing, skiing, baseball and much more. Later we were invented to cach wild animals with Big Jeff in the jungle. We fighted with bad enemies and tried to find treasures in the deep seas. We sat at the camp fire with Old Shatterhand and Winnetou and with Captain Drake we sailed over the seven seas. With Commando Jeff and 004 we were able to enter the secret spycenters of Professor Obb to save the world. No action figure series, espect Gi Joe maybe, was ever again so variable and extensive like these 10inch heroes. Mattel's answer on Gi Joe was the toy for a whole generation of boys in europe. In 1985 Mattel stopped the line in germany but they tried a new series in other european countries. Star Wars was the big problem and so Mattel started their own space line.

To make a real new beginning all figures were issued with totally different heads. After only two years this last Big Jim series died.

In a near future the forces of evil represented by the "Condor Force" battle the good members of the "Global Command" team in the jungle, the desert, in space and on earth. There are specialists for any terrain. Big Jim battles Professor Obb, Astros fights in space versus Vektor, Dr.Alec in the jungle against Baron Fangg and Colonel Kirk in the desert versus Kobra.

They both have fantastic weapons and vehicles far from our imagination. With the Command mobile which converts in a impregnable fort "Global Command" has the answer to Professor Obb's perfidious attacks with his Condor Patrol Jeep. Kobra has his Sandsniper which is a air-ground vehicle and he often fights with Colonel Kirk and his mighty Desert Hawk.

And we all know: the good always win...!?

SOS volcan (Big Jim)
name Number
Astros 9296 Global Commandman in space
Baron Fangg 9302 Condor Force man in the jungle
Big Jim 9615 new face,blue pelvis (box: made in Italy)
Big Jim Explorer, Baroudeur 1029 frogman new face,blue pelvis
Big Jim Karate 9798 Big Jim blackhair, old face, Karateoutfit
Big Jim Karate 9798 Big Jim blackhair, new face, Karateoutfit
Big Jim Parlant 9614 backpack talks french
Big Jim Parlante 9612 talks italian white backpack
Big Jim Pilot, Air Ace Pilot 2242 Big Jim in Spaceoutfit
Big Jim Spezialagent 9289 Big Jim new face with turn clothes
Big Jim Sportivo 2684 Big Jim new face blue pelvis
Colonel Kirk 2243 Global Command man in the desert
Commander Big Jim 9269 leader Global Command new face
Dr.Alec 9300 future jungle fighter with flyingmachine
Global Command Big Jim 9615 new face in futureoutfit
Kobra 2244 Condor Force desertfighter
Professor Obb Basic, Standard 9799 Condor Force leader with Irokese-haircut, blue-white box no accessories
Professor Obb Condor Force 9799 box with Condor Patrolpicture no accessories
Professor Obb Overlord 9270 Condor Force leader with Irokese-haircut in futureoutfit
Secret Agent 004 5101 changes face 6 different Masks box in futureseries style
Vektor 9297 Condor Force man in space red pelvis
Assignment Espionage 9398 red Pullover,black trouser,black cape..
Deep Seacaper 9397 yellow-black divingoutfit + accessories
Headquarters Commander 9394 blue Uniform, weapons...
Undersea Adventure 9396 redblue divingoutfit
Wizzard Overlord 9395 red trouser,white shirt,silver veste,black cape...
Vehicles and accessories:
Alpha Base 1275 future base to build in different ways like command centre but other box and more accessories
Command Copter 9583 white helikopter
Command Mobile 9393 car converts to battlestation
Condor Patrol Fuoristrada 9420 red jeep, futuristic style
Desert Hawk, Turboplane 2246 vehicle converts from car to plane
Discovery Base 2812 small variant of command centre
Global Command Centre Big Jim 9421 future base to build in different ways similar alpha base but other box and fewer accessories
Mach 2, Novo Veicolo d'Attaco 9568 rocketvehicle with global command emblem
Raider Cycle, Moto Speciale Commando 9585 motorcycle with cockpit like 5141 but yellow
Sand Sniper, Pulso reacteur 2247 purple war-vehicle
Sonic Speeder, Superscooter 2349 black warvehicle
Star Stalker 9419 lightblue space vehicle

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Jochen Berndt

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