In Spain Big Jim was produced by Congost and not Mattel. It seems that there have been some political problems, so a spanish producer was choosen to make the toys under mattel's license. In the seventies Franco still controled spain and i think it wasn't possible for foreign firms to sell or produce their goods in spain.
The items produced by Congost are almost the same as in other countries, but almost all have little differences.
The quality of the Congost-items isn't as good as of original mattel stuff.
Most figures are damaged under the arms from softener which made the hardplastic of the body soft and on the other hand soft parts like shoes are often dried out.
Spain had a basic Big Jim line including Sports and adventures and also pirates and wild west.
They also made one escuadron lobo figure Zorak and one spyfigure Agente Secreto 004.
In 1982 a very nice figure for the soccer-worldcup was produced.

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Jochen Berndt
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