some stuff i have for you at the moment
(updated jan.04)
Wanted / Gesucht
with about 500 pictures of rare Big Jim items

(updated ma.02)
Big Jim Timeline
(updated jan.03)
Big Jim allstar
the first years
(under construction)
Mark Strong
european first years
(updated ma.02)
Big Jim
sports and adventure
(under construction)
all over the world
James Bond and Co.

(updated ap.02)
Big Jim Future
Mattel's Man in Space

Big Jim under the skull
(under construction)
Karl May
german western line

West adventures
foreign western lines
(under construction)
Kaidanji Ken
japanese Big Jim line

spanish Congost Jims
Big Jim in spain

(updated jan.03)
Kid Acero
mexican Big Jim line
(under construction)
Other Big Jim body Mattel lines
series like Tarzan...

T-Shirts, Buttons...
(under construction)
Printed material, Comics, advertisings
masterpieces of my collection
the greatest pieces i could get
(updated ma.02)
  Jim parts in other mattel-toys
Custommade Big Jim
Big Jim worldmap
adventures in  playrooms all over the world
(updated ma.02)
Other figures Big Jim size not Mattel

Jochen Berndt