In 1972 Mattel started with Big Jim in the USA and in european countries with the same figure and outfits under the different name "Mark Strong". It's not sure why they decided to use a different name, but i think it was a trademark-problem. In europe there's another big toy-producer "Ernst Bettag" which made toycars, small action figures...The "name" BIG is a registered trademark of this toymaker, as you can read on later european Big Jim items. After just one year mattel decided to use "Big Jim" worldwide, of course because it's easier (and cheaper) to produce and design a product for a bigger marketplace. For example there were sold american boxed figures with german adhesives here.

Mark Strong was sold in germany, france and the united kingdom.

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Mark Strong aka Big Jim as he was sold in the first year 1972 in europe

Jochen Berndt

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